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sivaji-6.jpgSivaji is released on June 15th in these theatres.



Expected Ticket Rates


(Abirami, Bala, Annai, Sakthi Abirami)

(Jun 15,16,17) – 20 shows (includes 9:00 am show)

Other days 16 Shows


Albert (Albert, Baby Albert)

(Jun 15,16,17) – 10 shows (includes 9:00 am show)

Other days 8 Shows


AVM Rajeshwari

(Jun 15,16,17) – 5 shows (includes 9:00 am show)

Other days 4 Shows



* Not confirmed

(Jun 15,16,17) – 5 shows (includes 9:00 am show)

Other days 4 Shows



(Inox 1,2,3)

(Jun 15,16,17) – 16 shows (includes 9:00 am show in all 4 screens)

Other days 12 Shows



(Jayapradha, Raj)

(Jun 15,16,17) – 10 shows (includes 9:00 am show)

Other days 8 Shows



(Jun 15,16,17) – Shows from 8:00 am to 11:30 pm Nonstop screening approximately 25 shows or more.



(Sathyam, Santham/Sree)

(Jun 15,16,17) – 14 shows (includes 9:00 am show in Sathyam, Santham, Seasons, Sree, Studio 5,Six Degrees)

Other days 8/12 Shows



(Shanthi, mini Shanthi)

(Jun 15,16,17) – 10 shows (includes 9:00 am show)

Other days 8 Shows


Sri Brindha

(Jun 15,16,17) – 5 shows (includes 9:00 am show)

Other days 4 Shows



(Udhayam, Sooriyan, Chandran, mini Udhayam)

(Jun 15,16,17) – 20 shows (includes 9:00 am show)

Other days 16 Shows


Note that Sathyam will not update the thecinema.in website on the first day of reservation. You got to check the tickets at theatre only.

* Inox Preference will be given for internet, SMS and Bulk booking to avoid crowd at City Center

* Theatre Agastya may also screen Shivaji

Other theaters in suburbs with expected minimum number of shows on first three days


Ambathur Raaki (15)

Chromepet Vettri (10 shows)

Thiruvanmiyur Thyagaraja (5)

Adyar GanapathyRam (5)

Prathana dive in (7)

Kolthur Ganga (15)

St Thomas Mt Jothi (5)

Karapakkam Aravind (5)

Poondhamalli Sundar (15)

Virugambakkam Sridevi (15)

Nanganallur Velan (15)

Kanchipuram Aruna (10)

Koyembedu Rohini (20 )

Thiruvottiyur Odean Mani (5)


and the list continues…………….

Thanks to the original information provider. I am just listing this here…....Spontic


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Hot Fuzz- Its cool,Partner!


Before getting ready to watch this movie, you should know one thing. What’s the mystery behind the word “Fuzz”?In an ordinary context it means a thin coating of fine hairs or fibres. But here in this Hot Fuzzian context it means,“uncomplimentary terms for a policeman” and also it points out a member of a law enforcement agency. So this movie is all about a fuzz which is fuckin’ hot. To jump off with, the first duo to be honoured is Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg. The former should be proud of being the director incharge of this movie and the later should be happy to join hands with the former in writing the screenplay. Really you fellas rock! In the recent past we have seen quite a number of police stories among which “The Departed” leads, but all of them are pretty serious movies and they have similar plot structures. But this movie is fresh and hot straightaway from the kitchen of the couple Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg.

Hmm, the plot begins prim and proper with the description of the London cop Nicholas Angel{Simon Pegg}. who is a badge perfect policeman who needs everything under control. For better understanding, he is exactly the opposite of Clouseau who lives in Pink Panther. But Nicholas Angel has some good friends on his side who love his performance and promote{!} him to a village named Sandford, where everything seems to be perfect. Here in this God’s own country, Nicholas Angel is accompanied by his work partner Danny Butterman{Nick Frost},who is a childish action movie lover who wanna be a super cop in real life too.Further,Angel is annoyed by a number of guys in the village.Everything goes fine till Nicholas finds that the accident rates are increasing at an alarming pace while the crime rate is low in the village.Things go at a cop’s cycle speed till they get boiled up. In the Sandford country side we see quite a number of characters which include Inspector Frank Butterman {JimBroadbent},Simon Skinner{Timothy Dalton}, Tom Weaver{Edward Woodward},DS Andy Wainwright{Paddy Considine} and so on. Our Ex.Bond Mr.Timothy Dalton is still smart,but Bond,you too! So the movie dies out when Nicholas Angel re establishes justice in Sandford.

Like an American novel we have a number of characters in this academy, so that we find it very difficult to remember the names but we are used to them in the course of the movie. The screenplay plays well but at times we feel like watching a Comic TV series. Also this movie reminds us the English comics of the 80s because of its comic elements. Regarding the characterisation,every character lives! The plot structures drills us to learn patience till it reaches the crisis, but when at once its built up, it shows us what action is 🙂 .The scenes involving the two detectives, the scene in which Nicholas arrests the under age drunkards, the translation scenes and the Danny scenes are highly hilarious and highly remarkable.Though this is a fun fuzzed movie, we find a few bloody violent holy shi’ scenes. Considering the actors,both Simon Pegg and Nick Frost shoot hard to win the best actor medal. So the second duo to be medalled is Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.

Among the technical fuzzers, the music director David Arnold who is known for scoring music to Casino Royale,the latest Bond movie is buzzing. We listen to a wide variety of music while watching this movie. The director of photography,Jess Hall recieves three cheers for giving a comic massage to our eyes. When we think about the editing done by Chris Dickens, some unknown “lengthy” feeling runs through our mind. After watching the movie, we doubt whether the director wanted to make a Parody of the Oscar winner “The Departed”. So guys get ready to watch this movie which says “The right is not the right when your enemy is more than one”

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The wait is over!


The long expected Golden egg “Sivaji” produced by AVM as directed by Shankar with Rajni as the lead is finally scheduled to be laid on 15th of June. This is the movie which produced waves of expectations throughout the Tamil cine industry. Let us see whether this is just a packet of milk or a bottle of honey.The release date is released by the filmmakers @ galatta.com.It seems that Sivaji is made into 600 prints,to be distributed. Too much of expectation kills but Rajini always Rocks!


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Apocalypto- Seeks a new beginning!

This time Touchstone pictures bring forward a work of art,to touch our hearts.Once again Mel Gibson saves the “actor turned directors make a good show in Hollywood” aphorism supported by Farhad Safinia . Evidently this movie sets a new standard in movie making. Dont let the trailers and clippings grease your prejudice, this movie is beyond things.

The Plot is a clear crystal.After being enslaved and taken by a group of holcane warriors, the protagonist Jaguar Paw{Rudy Youngblood} who belongs to another clan,fights his way out of that notorious land to save his family,of course the only family which escaped the fatal invasion. To our surprise , the story travels in the times of Mayan civilization. {It should be around 50-100 A.D}.We find certain traces of barbarianism and almost cannibalism which are obviously the”fashion of that age”.Directors receive hails for making this movie totally in a different realm.

Quite a number of scenes score well in this Saviour’s rush. The very first hunting scene followed by the scenes portraying the sufferings of Jaguar Paw’s wife Seven {Dalia Hernandez}and son inside the “well” like hole are unique.The last 30 minutes of the chase are amazing!The movie stands as a representative to the Will Durant’s quote“A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within” as these hieroglyphics glitter on screen before the story begins to unroll.Anyhow this movie is surely not for the weak hearted. Regarding the characterizations we have the good the bad as well as the ugly. At the end of the day good people win this game.

Mel Gibson has taken his inspiration from various philosophies and books which include “The heart of darkness” by Joseph Conrad. Mel Gibson has tried to build this movie as an ancient epic, but only a few succeed in the art of epic making. Sincerely,the heroic couplet,Mel and Safinia have given us its best.

The technical aspects of this movie “fly high” because they take us to a new world. Before anything, the master makeup men Vittorio Sodano and Aldo Signoratti have hunted their forest well by transforming men of this age into men of a totally different epoch.As Mel Gibson explains, “In every frame, the camera is always moving and there’s always someone or something moving within that moving shot.” Dean Semler‘s camera glides and slides as well as rocks throughout the movie.Ted Rae has conjured the visual effects properly.The stunts are stunning and a dozen of cheers go to Mic Rogers and Gerardo Moreno and their team. Jame’s Horner’s music for this movie is full of chants which will haunt our minds for a long time. John Wright’s editing proves to be worthy, but at some places we feel lonely.So to conclude, Apocalypto proves that, “the fittest will make its way out,irrespective of its origin”


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In the recent past we have seen quite a lot “sequel in the series” movies like Spiderman 2 , Pirates of the caribbean 2, Harry Potter4 , Final destination 3 , The Grudge 2 , Ice age 2 , The Omen 2007 and The Hills have eyes 2. To our surprise , this plague continues this year too. It begins with Spiderman 3 releasing on 4th may followed by Pirates of the caribbean 3 on 25th of may. In this year a number of sequel releases await their hatching day. They include Harry Potter 5 , Jackie Chan’s Rush hour 3 and all of the above the third sequel to the much acclaimed Mummy and Mummy returns is in its pre-production stage which is supposed to be in the theaters on the July month of 2008.While here in kollywood, its remake time and in Hollywood its “playback” time.


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Spiderman 3 – The super boy hits again!

The third sequel to the spiderman series hits the screen at the right time. This time the web slinging tale’s plot is complicatedly spun with a handful of characters. Throughout movie the “comic touch” lives, which make us honour the boss of this movie,Sam Raimi ie the director. As usual the story is picked out from the Marvel comic series and knitted out as the screen story by Sam Raimi and Evan Raimi. Though the screenplay has pitfalls like cobwebs in an old house they are not strong enough to pull the house down. But it would be very foolish to look for logic in a friendly neighbourhood fairy tale like this.

The story has a theme , a value: “Your decisions decide your character”. This time Peter Parker{Tobey Maguire} appears as a contended and happy man working in Daily Bugle as a photographer{He is not a boy now,he has grown a lot!} with his love interest Mary Jane{Kirsten Dunst}. But like previous times,our hero is not happy for a long time. First of all, he faces the wrath of Harry Osborne{James Franco} the Junior Goblin for Harry feels that Peter is responsible for his father’s death. When this part slings for a while,Spiderman is got hold of a nasty symbiote which comes from another planet. As a result of this creepy attack,Peter Parker’s attitude and mindset changes, also the love web between him and Mary Jane is stretched to the maximum. As a consequence she becomes attracted to Harry, who had lost a few memory threads. When the escaped prisoner Flint Marko{Thomas Haden Church} falls accidentaly in an actively working nuclear equipment, he becomes a sand monster which could change its shape and size according to the damage it wants to do! So without much to our surprise he clashes with our super hero.
After a brief period of time Harry hits back Spiderman, who is of course now under the influence of the symbiote. But this time the symbiote Spiderman ruthlessly replies the Junior Goblin’s attack which results in severe physical damage of the latter. At a particular night Spiderman gets rid of the symbiote by a phenomena called sound vibrations!{very funny!} Immediately the symbiote enslaves Eddy Brock{Topher Grace} who is the rival Photographer of Peter Parker in the Daily Bugle, for he feels that Peter had lifted away his girlfriend Gwen Stacy {Bryce Dallas Howard} and his daily bread from him. After the symbiote attack,he changes into to a creature named Venom and threatens the livewire of Spidey. Now near the end,the duo of Sandman and Venom pose as the biggest and toughest enemies that Spiderman has faced ever. As this is a fairy tale, once again Peter Parker strenghtens his “Love web”.

If we consider the flaws,the spider boy’s strands fail to stick in a few scenes. One of them is Harry’s quick changing mind, which inturn confuses the audience whether he travels by Spiderman or against spiderman. Secondly the million dollar question that arises is that whether the Symbiote covers Spiderman or Peter Parker or his suite. Along side, when it gets hold of spiderman, only the colour of his outfit changes but on the contrary it turns Eddy in to an ugly monster. Also there is no proper reasons for MJ’s attraction towards Harry.Besides these the sand man’s knot is not properly tied in the end.May be we need a proper epilogue for this fairy tale!

The technical team of this movie recieves a hell lot of Cheers! For without them this movie would be like a torn mask of spiderman. Apart from the heroes and villains of this movie Jonah Jameson{J.K. Simmons}the Daily Bugle’s editor proves really to be a fun machine.
Evidently,undoubtedly,apparently the kids will love this candy! But the caution is that this the scariest spider movie. So get ready for an adrenaline rush!Life is not always beautiful for Peter Parker. So comic fans , get ready for your summer treat.Once again “Spiderman saves the day and who saves Spiderman?is the question”.


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Back in action-Spiderman 3Spider boy is back with a bang today. Spiderman 3 is released all over the world today. This time Peter Parker faces his negative side as well as the two other villains. But unfortunately pirates have released this movie online yesterday. Despite these attacks , Undoubtedly Spidey is going to rock for the third time!


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The Last King of Scotland

To begin with,the novel ” Last king of scotland” by Giles Foden is responsible for this movie’s actions.But the screenplay evidently makes a good show.The movie hatches out in Scotland and grows in Uganda of the 1970s. Dr.Nicholas Garrigan{James McAvoy} is an young Scottish medical officer{he is our scottish king too!} who flies overseas to work in a Ugandan village where he is accompanied by the medical couples Sarah{Gillian Anderson} and David Merrit{Adam Kotz}.Basically our Scottish king is a man who loves making merry with women. At a particular point of his adventures in Uganda,Nicholas gets acquainted with General Idi Amin Dada{Forest Whitaker} and becomes his personal advisor come physician.Our king tries to be loyal to his president come patient but his mission is spoiled halfway through his pages. He wants to get back home which doesn’t seem a good idea to Idi Amin. While moving slowly away from the good books of Idi Amin , Nicholas enters the “bed”books of Kay{Kerry Washington} who is the third and latest wife of Idi Amin. So the rest of the movie is the answer to the question,”Did Nicholas get back home?”This might seem a very ordinary question but the answer is made up of blood , lust and of course human flesh.

The actors have traveled well through the pages of this document. Especially James McAvoy and Forest Whitaker are themselves replaced by their character’s souls. Thanks to the director magician “Kevin MacDonald.James McAvoy fits good in a compassionate doctors suit, fits better in a playboy’s mask and fits perfectly in a palpitating man’s face. If James McAvoy scores like a breeze, Forest Whitaker scores like a “typhoon”. After watching this movie one can’t think of Idi Amin the dictator,without thinking about Forest Whitaker the actor.Apart from the king and president, David Oyelowo,Gillian Anderson,Simon McBurney and Kerry Washington have fought well.To our surprise the big boss of the movie,Giles Foden makes his appearance in this movie as a british journalist{a playwright inside a play!}.So a big applause goes to the actors as well as the director.

Though this movie is silently suspense packed,At a few places it travels like an official documentary video.Though we don’t find any bloody violent scenes at the beginning,a couple of scenes near the end makes this movie not suitable for a particular epoch of audience.Adding to this scenes of extreme sexual nature prevail throughout the pages{But these scenes help the director to build the characterisation}

Technicians are also responsible for hoisting this flag.So a big salute goes to them. Out of them, Anthony DodMantle who is the director of photography has brought the early 70’s colour in to this movie. The costume designer Michael ‘O’ Connor, should be appreciated for reminding us the style and fashion of the 70s. Both of the above commanders recieve medals of honour for reproducing the socio-cultural aspects of the 70s in 2007.The music director Alex Heffes rocks through the Ugandan folk music.So if we watch this movie with a sniper’s eye ,this becomes our first step towards studying Amin’s history.

So this kingdom is made by blending fact and fiction and coated with flesh and blood.Lovers of historical movies, war movies, horror movies and thriller movies will love to watch this “historical thriller”.Totally the slogan of the last king of scotland is “I came, I am stuck, will I escape?”

– Spontic

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Pachaikili Muthucharam


Once again a very good attempt by Gautham Menon. But this time the script’s life lies deep in the pages of “Derailed” a novel by James siegel. Also there is an English movie of the same name which shares the bower{The original novel} of Pachaikili Muthucharam which was released in the year 2005. But Gautham still recieves applause for the way in which he has adapted the story of the novel Derailed, though it seldom differs from the English movie “Derailed”.

To speak sincerely, Sharath has “acted” for the first time in his career,in this movie. Evidently this is another “Chandramukhi” for Jyothika. She shines well in the motley named “Geetha” in this movie. The debutant Andrea acts and appears as a threat to the leading heroines of Tamil cinema{she glitters except for those pimples!}.She makes a good spouse to Sharath.Throughout the journey Milind sends creeps to the passengers.

Taking the plot into account, Venkatesh{Sharath} and Kalyani{Andrea} and their symbol of love ie their son Nandha travel in a comfortable matrimonial compartment of the train “life”, till they come to know that their son Nandha suffers Juvenile Diabetes. From this moment their matrimonial compartment begins to shake. At this point of time Venkatesh is acquainted with Geetha{Jyothika}. After a hurly-burly with Lawrence{Milind Soman}, Venkatesh looks back to find that his train is derailed, as the original name suggests. The rest of the story is all about Venkatesh’s ventures to “re”rail his train. The story accelerates only when its derailed. But the first half seems to be very slow{may be its the preparation time for getting derailed!}But in the second half the train becomes a rocket, that too after its derailment.Every action of each character is properly explained and there are no stupid scenes, so hats off to Gautham for his adaptation techniques.

Harris‘s Background score as well as the numbers are pretty decent but lack the gravity to pull the audience of B and C centres. The violin piece which runs throughout the movie feeds honey to our ears.This movie lags a bit in technical mastery when compared to Vettaiyadu Vilayadu. But Gautham’s concentration is seen in the screenplay. Arvind Krishna‘s camera has tried to show everything as in the daylight but sometimes it reminds us TV serials. Editing is good but we feel at a {very}few places that Antony‘s hacksaw is malfunctioning. Undoubtedly he has shown his skills at other places especially in the second half.

S0 we could sum up by saying that “relax” take the “Pachaikili Muthucharam”train, get down with a message of “caution”.


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Chennai 600028

Chennai 600028
This movie is one quality release from capital film works. To start off, Venkat prabhu hits an one bounced four as he is the captain of this ship.The plot is simple as its narrated by SPB’s soft voice in the beginning of the movie: Rockers of Royapuram and Sharks of Visalakshi thottam{so called sunnambu kalvai!} are two street cricket teams who fight happily ever after in the field as well as in the streets . They are the India and Pakistan of this movie, ofcourse Sharks is our Indian team.

In the first over, oops…in the first scene,to our surprise, we see Sharks losing to Rockers in the Mirchi cup. We are reported that this has been happening for the past three years. So we clearly know that our heroes are going to defeat Rockers in the next Mirchi cup which is conducted every year.So as SPB says, this whole movie is about the day to day events of sharks till they meet Rockers again in the next Mirchi cup. If you think Rockers vs Sharks in the coming year is the anti-climax of this movie, you are wrong.This movie has a very good ending,with the director’s stamp and cut. This is where Venkat Prabhu “Bradmans” this game.

The artist selection is extremely good.We already know a few faces like radio Mirchi RJ Siva{who acts for the first time}, actor Arvind Krishna, Nitin Satya and Jai{Deva’s son}.All the above guys have used this oppurtunity well.Particularly Siva proves that the director is not wrong in his choice. Along with these guys the new boys rock the movie. Especially Premji Amaran who holds the responsibility of making the audience merry, maintains a good ‘fun’rate. Also the “steady” drunkard of this movie should be noted.

Basically this story revolves around the lives of the friends,Karthik{RJ Siva}, Palani{Nitin Satya}, Arvind{Arvind Krishna} and Raghu{Jai}. The story is properly pulled by these characters and the events around them till it reaches the boundary line. First we see Raghu and his problems. Secondly the affair between Arvind and his Sexy girlfriend,thirdly the conflict between the friends Karthik and Palani.You may me surprised why i didnt quote any female characters,indeed they are the substitutes[of glamour and love] and they have nothing to do with the main game{story}.Manohar{Ilavarasu} who is the godfather,mama,chittappa,periyappa of the Sharks team plays a very good manager and the guy who plays the brother of Siva has done his work good.Totally the characterisation is mind blowing!.

Almost every character is utilised properly.But on the whole,there are some holes in this ship. The title song is good but the picturisation fails totally to convey what it actually meant to.There are no strong reasons for Rockers Raghu joining Sharks,though the director tries to give proper reasons.This movie loses its course when a few supplementary commercial elements step in,but comes back to its axis soon.Apart from these flaws there are quite a lot “booze” scenes in the movie, which may prevent orthodoxes from enjoying this movie{“Enna koduma sir ithu!”}.Adding to that, a couple of songs break the movie’s integrity like the commercials inbetween a cricket match. But the songs are good to our ears especially the “Jalsa” song ,the many ‘beat’ed melody “Unparvai” and the soft number”Yaaro” are good.The item number “Saroja” song is already popular around the corners.But Yuvan, never write exams like this, you will be debarred for the next five years

.The technical aspects of this movie are also good. Cinematography,Sound and choreography are remarkable. Not only Chennai boys, but the whole cricket loving species will enjoy this movie and this movie is released in the right time of tension free, ofcourse “holy”days. So Chennai 28 is a good match where the duo of SPB Charan & J.K.Saravana and their crew has a lot of scope to score. Let this movie wipe away our world cup tears! A proper tagline for this game..sorry movie would be “eat fun sleep fun drink only booze”.


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