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Kireedom – Usurped by “Nadir” show!

This time Ajit has joined hands with director Vijay but once again Ajith has missed the right train. This movie becomes an ordeal for Ajit’s fans, but instead this movie is a treat for Ilaya Thalapathi Vijay’s fans!. The director could be appreciated further,if he has altered the climax of this commercial movie, which traces it’s origin to the original Mallu Kireedom,which is pretty artistic. Godfather was the only white sheep among these black sheep{Tirupathi,Aazhwar and Kireedom},in the recent past. The antique actor Balaji in his Sujata cine arts banner is back as a producer only to make an attempt which has lost its livewire somewhere in the middle. The captain has tried to produce the “Mugavari effect” in this movie, but the intervention of too many commercial elements make his effort a “castle in spain”.Straight to face, this movie could be compared to a stretch of Indian roads, where there are also roads amidst pitfalls. “Mr.Ajith, please be fair in your judgements and to your fans” Movies of this kind takes Ajit far away from his racing track, and he has got very little time to come back, since the number of opponents increase everyday.

The plot structure of Kireedom would have looked nice if its elements are etched out properly. The story begins portraying the dreams of Rajarajan{Rajkiran}, a head constable at Trichy town Police station. He wants his son Sakthivel{Ajit} to become an SI of Police, before his retirement.In the beginning Sakthivel is carved out as a fun loving youth, who falls in love with Divya{Trisha} which culminates in their betrothel. Sakthivel cycles hard to fulfill his father’s dream and appears in the tests and interviews to the official’s satisfaction , but very shortly due to a problem,his father is forced to make a move to Kodikkarai along with his family. In that Devil’s own country Sakthivel hospitalises the local Don Varadhan{Ajay} which makes the people feel that Sakthivel is Varadhan’s successor. Meanwhile along with a sidekick party, Chellakannu{Vivek}, the brother inlaw of Sakthivel, ceases money from the locals in the name of Don-sakthivel without his knowledge. Further, Varadhan’s friends try to be loyal to him by attacking Sakthivel, whose questions are well replied by him.Because of these unknown acts of kindness , friction starts between the Police father and so called Don but innocent son, followed by the breaking of Sakthivel’s betrothel managerie. In the mean time, Sakthivel’s name appears in the SI exam results notice board. So his friends and well-wishers request him to stay in Trichy till he gets posted as an SI, which is immediately obeyed by Sakthivel who goes to the fort town and stays in his friend Balasubramani’s{Santhanam} house. But when Varadhan comes back and threatens Sakthivel’s family, the former steps back to Kodikkarai and kills the latter and his own carrier ending the movie strangely tragic.

The movie starts well and marches well with the simple but powerful portrayal of Sakthivel’s family and Sakthi’s encounters with his love interest{Modalla paiyan appram ponnu, unakku ok thana?!},but lumbers like a snail after the intermission and breaks down in the end.Ajit has done his part extremely well but his strains are drained by the poorly hobbling screenplay, particularly in the second half.Apart from handsome Ajit and dainty Trisha, the comedy ship is well sailed by Vivek,Santhanam and Satyan. Trisha steps in with her right leg into the comedy villa for the first time and walks well. She is lovely and does her role well.Rajkiran and Sharanya should stop the ham acting and look for innovative characters.But Rajkiran has melted into his “father”character and melts our hearts{may be for the 50th time?!} The sentimental scenes between the father and son are good but good for nothing{since they don’t contribute}.The song sequences are visualised awesomely. Especially the akkam pakkam song provides a cool glass of buttermilk amidst the summer.Thiru’s{cinematographer} work is really too good enough to floor the audience. Vivek’s comedy is remarkable though it plays a minuscule part. Santhanam will sound better if he avoids those indecent, duplicity comical sayings. The first scene in which Ajith steals a Pillayar statue from Trisha’s habitat is cool,where we could almost see “Aasai” Ajith in his orange polo Tee. Ajith is back to his normal facial state after a period of inconsistencies due to steroids. By the way the costumes which Ajith wear in the second half of the movie is the same which he worn in the worn out Aazhwar.{A dirty dark coloured cotton shirt, a cinder like jeans and a pair of dusty slip ons}What’s wrong? Ajit’s voice becomes a Raven’s when he bludgeons at the crowd “nan rowdy illllha”.Would be good to see Ajit re-employing his voice modulation which went for a holiday some years ago.

There is no offence in G.V.Prakash Kumar‘s salary raise, since the songs , background score and sound effects are out of the ordinary. “Vizhiyil” song gives the feel of listening to a melody of a huge orchestra while “Kanavellam” exactly unfurls the feeling of father-son relationship. Also “Vilayadu” is a typical intro song which does not jarr our ear drums. The background scores are terribly well made. Particularly the musical piece which runs in the beginning of the movie and through the love sequences are verdict musical sixers. G.V.P is the apt person to wear this Kireedom. So a lot of stones miss in this borrowed Kireedom, which says Anger leads on to anger and anger.

– Spontic

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Mr.Fun and Mr.Stern join hands for the third time!

The the third sequel in the Rush hour series is under production now. The making of the “Rush” started on July 4th 2006 and scheduled to be served to our eyes on 10th August 2007. After six years of hermitage, Chris Tucker joins hands with Jackie Chan. We expect this duo to hurt their enemies while aching our stomachs. The most enthralling aspect of this movie is that in one particular scene,the Basket ball player, Sun Ming Ming who is the seventh largest human in the world , fights the duo. Apart from these points, the Oscar winning movie director Roman Polanski plays a role in this movie. For the trailers click the links below

http://youtube.com/watch?v=obDZ-OR2Bhw — Sun Ming Ming

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mPCrfsVzjyk —- Official trailer

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Order of the phoenix– Harry {s}teams up!
The Potter boy is back to school this year with the book named “Order of the Phoenix“. This time his megaphone is yielded by David Yates and he is worthy to be given jubilation. Unlike the screenplays of some previous Harry Potter movies, this one travels fast and fastens our psyche. Daniel Radcliffe has the demeanor of a kid as well as an adolescent. Rupert Grint has grown well along with his red hair. Emma Watson is dainty as usual and she performs to perfection. Mathew Lewis has shed his weight and looks smarter than ever.

The plot is as clear as a philosopher’s mind. When the movie begins we find Harry{Danielle Radcliffe} and his cousin Dudley{Harry Melling} blitzed by the dementors trying to suck their happiness out of them. But Harry uses his wand to disssolve those band of creatures. Dudley gets affected badly and Harry’s uncle madly vituperates Harry,when a howler from the Ministry of Magic loudly promulgates that Harry is expelled from Hogwart’s for using his powers against a muggle. In the very next scene a group of Hogwart’s staff arrive and inform Potter that his malfeasance is not yet confronted and he could come with them. They take Harry to the Order of the Phoenix where he joins his friends Ron{Rupert Grint} and Hermione{Emma Watson}. Sirius Black{Gary Oldman} meets Harry in a hurry, before he attends the enquiry. And a new year at the Hogwarts impels soon. This year Professor Dolores Umbridge {Imelda Staunton} takes over the Defence against dark arts class and soon she becomes a piece of glass in Hogwarts’s students. She is too authoritative but very obtuse when it comes to teaching. So after getting a hint from Sirius Black Harry recognises that Lord Voldemort’s{Ralph Fiennes} mind and his own are in the same calibre and they each other know their minds.As Sirius Black rightly said Harry Potter saves the life of Arthur Weasley{Mark Williams} when he is attacked by Nagini , Voldemort’s pet snake. So Harry corrals 23 of his friends under the title “Dumbledore’s Army” and indoctrinates them the defence against dark arts preparing them against Voldemort. As an aftermath of this,Dumledore{Michael Gambon} is pushed down from the head master position of Hogwarts and ordered to to be sent to Azkaban, while Doloris Umbridge ascends the throne.But Dumbledore flees the scene. Now once again Harry has a vision that shows him Voldemort attacking Sirius Black. Is that a real one? Or a trap set by Voldemort? The rest of the movie will feed you the answer.Watch it.

The characterisation never changes in a game of chess and so in Harry Potter movies. The story travels smooth and reminds us the Revenge tragedies and Dark plays of William Shakespeare. Alan Rickman who plays Severus Snape, Robbie Coltrane who wears the mask of Hagrid and Michael Gambon are the actors who receive acclamation. Other than these characters ,a new breed of flying creatures called Thestrals are introduced to us. It would be bad to discuss the logical aspects of this magical movie. The real magicians behind this movie who exhibit their powers are Nicholas Hooper the musician , Sławomir Idziak the cinematographer and Mark Day the editor.

If we altercate the slipups of this movie like a swashbuckler, we will notice that there is no strong reason for Dumbledore’s downfall and Doloris Umbridge’s authority, though its explained to an extent in the book. When compared to the book a lot of details are left out, but its definitely not an easy task for Michael Goldenberg{creenplay writer} to compress it into a 3 hour ‘zip’ file. Above all, all these credits goes to J.K.Rowling who gave birth to this “rich” witch. So Harry Potter 5 says ” Szevily placksive ixgoodo.

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Airtel super singer JuniorDevil’s play

Sons lose , mothers cry, Daughters step down,fathers moan,
The above statement doesnt happen in an ” India Pakistan” match or in any battle field. Folks,this is all about Vijay tv’s Airtel supersinger junior. Finaly the hyped,mocked and pumped up voice war is over yesterday. But the results are yet to be announced, So wait for one more week. Competitions are to kindle the talents and to test the skills and ability. But today the media has hyped a healthy competition into a wealthy money spinner. Further, the parents join hands with the media and make their children feel that its their life’s motive to win this competition. Ok, this is common. Above than this, the parents who are supposed to comfort the kids when they get off the competition, cry along with them making them feel heavy. The point is losing is also a part of life. In a competition of two if A wins B loses and vice versa. If A has the capacity to win, B has the courage to face the loss. But when Parents make the children feel that they have lost the game of their life , their confidence level gets tarnished and they may’nt perform well in the later competitions due to the nervousness. A child learns from it’s parents. But when the kid watches the parents cry, it feels insecure and may need time to recover. So Media exploits the potential children’s childhood by attracting their parents and counts notes. Coming to the next side, the winners are treated as great warriors and they are given “5star” and “cinestar” values and they sing in air,sponsored by a hot FM station sitting alongside a artificial voice making RJ. Apart from these gimmicks, the anchor girl of the program announces the winners by raising their hands as though in a boxing match. Do we need this all? Life is always a series of tough competitions. Though one loses in a competition, the hope he/she has to the innumerable number of competitions which are bound to come in the game of life is important, but not these trivial competitions{though a lot of money is involved}. “If winter comes, can spring be far behind” kind of attitude is what required for today’s world.What do you think?

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Vacancy – “Spine driller”

The man behind this master plot, Nimród Antal exhibits his skills as a magician who takes out a hair raiser out of his hat which contains only a few characters and limited locations. May God bless him for his screenplay and stage management ideas. On the other hand the producer trio,Stacy Cramer,Hal Lieberman and Brian Paschal are confident enough to take a “Box office” out of their “Motel office”.This movie reminds us the smell of a country home made, simple but well cooked cookie. Definitely Vacancy won’t make it’s theatres vacant. So this movie could be placed somewhere between the genres Thriller and Romance.

The married couple David (Luke Wilson) and Amy Fox (Kate Beckinsale) travel in their wagon somewhere in a nowhere land where we are not reported of the exact location.On their way the car’s engine makes a noice and they stop at a Gasoline station to seek help. There in that place a friendly man extends his hand of help to them making their engine work. The couple thank him and take leave by receiving a sparkler from him. After travelling for a couple of miles their car once again makes a rumbling sound and stops, making them mumble in the middle of the night in the road. So they decide to walk their dusty way to the Gas station where there’s a motel attached. There at the motel the couple meet the manager Mason{Frank Whaley} and ask for a mechanic. But he says that the mechanic would be back only by morning and asks them to stay in one of his motel rooms. But the couple has an uneasy strange feeling about the place as well as about Mason. They enter the room and they try to relax but in vain. They hear anonymous bangings on the door and hidden cameras in the room sucking out their milk of courage. Then they find a couple of video cassettes in that room and they are able to realise that, the snuff films in that cassettes were shot in the same exact room in which they stay. So they recognise that they are going to be the role-players in the devil’s next snuff film. The rest of the story is where the story writer come director raises his fist to make some twists.

Normally in an action movie there wont be any vacancy for the actors to fill with their acting skills, but vacancy provides them the vacuum and its well filled by Luke Wilson,Kate Beckinsale as well as Frank Whaley. Figuratively, they race each other in the acting spree. Inbetween two heavy layers of death and fear, a thin line of romance which runs through is really romantic and realistic. Frank Whaley with his mysteriously funny action, stabs our heart. After Van Helsing and Underworld 2 Kate Beckinsale once again thunders. Though Luke recently acted a couple of movies without being the lead, this movie is good enough to bring this smart Texan back into form

The plot and scenes of this movie reminds us a lot of earlier movies including Psycho,Saw,Derailed,Hills have eyes and Rest Stop. But one thing to be noticed is that this movie is not so gruesome as its predecessors. But a car, a land nowhere, haunted hotel , weird looking guys along with fear and terror, Doesn’t this sound very stale? Though this movie is not pit falling anywhere in the story line, there are scenes which are highly imitated from many other movies. Apart from these there are no serious flaws. Once again, this is also a 20th century story which represents the dangers of modern life.The technical aspects of his movie are also to be appreciated. Also Paul Haslinger’s music adds light to this movie. So this movie is one which drills fear into our spines and dictates ” Brain skills can save you from becoming brainless skulls”

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