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Pineapple Express- Simple strong and sexy!


Saul: “It’s called Pineapple Express. My guy Red told me it’s when this Hawaiian flood takes special dirt to the weed or some shit. It’s pretty scientific. And I’m the only guy in the whole city who has it.
And, its only ten bones more for a quarter.”

Nobody could explain David Gordon Green‘s latest project Pineapple express better than this. Seth Rogen plays a major role in all the three major departments. Though a mundane ‘Hit and run’ kind of script, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg have flavoured it enough to make it a blockbuster. Life would become easy if its Pineapple express…

Dale Denton (Seth Rogen) is a wacko process server, who splits his pastime between his high school sweetheart Angie(Amber Heard) and big time drug dealer Saul Silver (James Franco). After getting high on the new ‘dopest dope’ named pineapple express in Saul’s place, he goes to serve Ted Jones (Gary Cole) a druglord where he watches Ted and Carol Brazier (Rosie Perez) a cop, blow up a guy’s head. While trying to flee the place Dale drops a smoke of Pineapple Express and bumps into a couple of cars which is enough to gain Ted’s attention. When back at Saul’s den, both of them realise that, Pineapple Express can lead Ted directly to their hideout, since Saul is the only Pineapple express dealer in town. With a heart full of pressure and a bag full of Pineapple Express the guys gallop away from their fears. Here begins all the fun and fury…!

An age old storyline and characterisation afresh make Pineapple Express rare and roaring. James Franco who plays the junkie strips off the line between screen and seat. For his part Seth Rogen gets high on times aswell. The user friendly plot and avant-garde characters make the happenings more enthralling. The humor-cynicism balance is another factor which adds onto the USP of this movie. The writers have taken care that all the elements required for a comic action movie show their presence in their film. Also the typical Seth Rogen sitcom contributes largely to the tonality of the movie.

Predictability is a detestable word for the makers of Pineapple Express. Once you know that the movie is about Marijuana and junkies, you see the denouement. That’s it. At times Seth Rogen’s dialogues give you a patience test. The writers could have thought about increasing the speed of this express once more. The concluding remarks on friendship and fellowship, tries to sum up the film for us but in vain.

The music of this movie blends aptly into the cat-mice storyline to produce the rocking effect.Tim Orr‘s cinematography captures ordinary locations and locales with a monumental eye. On the whole Craig Alpert‘s editorial work makes sure that one scene grows realistically out of the other, though it falls short at the beginning of the chase. So, when you are in Pineapple Express be cautious with your head, you may lose it busy laughing!

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