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Rajasaval – A film from Spontic Movies

After a few years of film criticism, Spontic has plunged itself into the sea of film making. Here comes the trailer of Rajasaval, a comedy short from Spontic! Watch it and leave your comments!


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Diwali Daiquiri

This year the Diwali daiquiri mainly constitutes Azhagiya Tamizhmagan, Polladhavan, Vel, Rameshwaram kannamoochi enada and Machakkaran. Among these ingredients,ATM is prepared by the debutant captain Bharathan with Vijay as lead, pecuniarly supported by Swargachitra Appachan productions. The Dhanush flavoured Polladhavan is made by Group Company as directed by Vetrimaaran. Vel, rustled up by Mohan Natarajan with Hari‘s aroma and Surya in the star part, falls next. Following this A. M. Rathnam‘s Rameshwaram is drawn up by Jeeva as per Selvam‘s plan. Priya.V’s brainchild Kannamoochi Enada produced by Radhika’s Radaan pictures, contributes to the drink with Sathyaraj and prithviraj as the protagonists. And finally ‘Machakkaran‘ Jeevan comes in line to spice up the drink lead by Tamilvannan and financed by Madras productions Entertainment Ltd. So this Diwali is going to be a smashing treat for movie connoisseurs. The Ajit fragrance lovers and Vikram redolence lovers may not find the drink tasty, But for them a big carnival waits on november 30th.Happy Diwali from Spontic………

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Mr.Fun and Mr.Stern join hands for the third time!

The the third sequel in the Rush hour series is under production now. The making of the “Rush” started on July 4th 2006 and scheduled to be served to our eyes on 10th August 2007. After six years of hermitage, Chris Tucker joins hands with Jackie Chan. We expect this duo to hurt their enemies while aching our stomachs. The most enthralling aspect of this movie is that in one particular scene,the Basket ball player, Sun Ming Ming who is the seventh largest human in the world , fights the duo. Apart from these points, the Oscar winning movie director Roman Polanski plays a role in this movie. For the trailers click the links below

http://youtube.com/watch?v=obDZ-OR2Bhw — Sun Ming Ming

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mPCrfsVzjyk —- Official trailer

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sivaji-6.jpgSivaji is released on June 15th in these theatres.



Expected Ticket Rates


(Abirami, Bala, Annai, Sakthi Abirami)

(Jun 15,16,17) – 20 shows (includes 9:00 am show)

Other days 16 Shows


Albert (Albert, Baby Albert)

(Jun 15,16,17) – 10 shows (includes 9:00 am show)

Other days 8 Shows


AVM Rajeshwari

(Jun 15,16,17) – 5 shows (includes 9:00 am show)

Other days 4 Shows



* Not confirmed

(Jun 15,16,17) – 5 shows (includes 9:00 am show)

Other days 4 Shows



(Inox 1,2,3)

(Jun 15,16,17) – 16 shows (includes 9:00 am show in all 4 screens)

Other days 12 Shows



(Jayapradha, Raj)

(Jun 15,16,17) – 10 shows (includes 9:00 am show)

Other days 8 Shows



(Jun 15,16,17) – Shows from 8:00 am to 11:30 pm Nonstop screening approximately 25 shows or more.



(Sathyam, Santham/Sree)

(Jun 15,16,17) – 14 shows (includes 9:00 am show in Sathyam, Santham, Seasons, Sree, Studio 5,Six Degrees)

Other days 8/12 Shows



(Shanthi, mini Shanthi)

(Jun 15,16,17) – 10 shows (includes 9:00 am show)

Other days 8 Shows


Sri Brindha

(Jun 15,16,17) – 5 shows (includes 9:00 am show)

Other days 4 Shows



(Udhayam, Sooriyan, Chandran, mini Udhayam)

(Jun 15,16,17) – 20 shows (includes 9:00 am show)

Other days 16 Shows


Note that Sathyam will not update the thecinema.in website on the first day of reservation. You got to check the tickets at theatre only.

* Inox Preference will be given for internet, SMS and Bulk booking to avoid crowd at City Center

* Theatre Agastya may also screen Shivaji

Other theaters in suburbs with expected minimum number of shows on first three days


Ambathur Raaki (15)

Chromepet Vettri (10 shows)

Thiruvanmiyur Thyagaraja (5)

Adyar GanapathyRam (5)

Prathana dive in (7)

Kolthur Ganga (15)

St Thomas Mt Jothi (5)

Karapakkam Aravind (5)

Poondhamalli Sundar (15)

Virugambakkam Sridevi (15)

Nanganallur Velan (15)

Kanchipuram Aruna (10)

Koyembedu Rohini (20 )

Thiruvottiyur Odean Mani (5)


and the list continues…………….

Thanks to the original information provider. I am just listing this here…....Spontic


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The wait is over!


The long expected Golden egg “Sivaji” produced by AVM as directed by Shankar with Rajni as the lead is finally scheduled to be laid on 15th of June. This is the movie which produced waves of expectations throughout the Tamil cine industry. Let us see whether this is just a packet of milk or a bottle of honey.The release date is released by the filmmakers @ galatta.com.It seems that Sivaji is made into 600 prints,to be distributed. Too much of expectation kills but Rajini always Rocks!


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In the recent past we have seen quite a lot “sequel in the series” movies like Spiderman 2 , Pirates of the caribbean 2, Harry Potter4 , Final destination 3 , The Grudge 2 , Ice age 2 , The Omen 2007 and The Hills have eyes 2. To our surprise , this plague continues this year too. It begins with Spiderman 3 releasing on 4th may followed by Pirates of the caribbean 3 on 25th of may. In this year a number of sequel releases await their hatching day. They include Harry Potter 5 , Jackie Chan’s Rush hour 3 and all of the above the third sequel to the much acclaimed Mummy and Mummy returns is in its pre-production stage which is supposed to be in the theaters on the July month of 2008.While here in kollywood, its remake time and in Hollywood its “playback” time.


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Back in action-Spiderman 3Spider boy is back with a bang today. Spiderman 3 is released all over the world today. This time Peter Parker faces his negative side as well as the two other villains. But unfortunately pirates have released this movie online yesterday. Despite these attacks , Undoubtedly Spidey is going to rock for the third time!


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